We activated for 2 nights in NYC, taking a blank space and creating an actual forest with real trees, bird and stream sounds, and a real cabin.
 At each event we custom-cut wooden vinyl of Justin Timberlake’s first single, Filthy. Only 1,000 were made for guests, and they were immediately put up on eBay with prices fetching up to $75.
 We got the guys from Noma, one of the best restaurants in the world, to curate a menu for the guests that included ants with black garlic and rose oil and grasshopper pancakes. And yes, Justin really ate bugs.
 Prince’s house. Prince’s house. Prince’s house. For the second round of listening parties, and what acted as his album release party, we brought the forest to Paisley Park. 
 This time we create a digital version of the forest and projected it all over the walls, completely surrounding guests with a forest in the middle of Prince’s very own in-home venue.
 We also created loads more exclusive merch/activities for guests, including silkscreen shirts, which have become official JT tour merch, a custom forest scent creator and even a place to roast marshmallows, inside. 
 For additional scale, we created streamed out the album release event on American Express and Justin’s social networks, a first for American Express.
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